lunes, 5 de diciembre de 2011

I feel trapped in the nature of your love... Me siento atrapada por la naturaleza de tu amor...

I feel trapped in the nature of your love ...

I can not go out, for more I want,

my arms are stretched toward the sky,

beyond the earth itself,

but I can not ... but I can not ...

are futile and painful my attempts ...

I feel trapped

in the nature of your love ...

my white robe falls,

when I struggle with my heart,

but not salts,

smeared my pure desires,

nothing and nobody you frightens ,

you're nailed in my feeling,

like a ivy to the wall,

Your nature is so intense,

that I filled with craving and thirst ...

Thirst for you, of your charm,

of your bewitched reverie,

because already you see, heart ...

it is useless to resist your breath,

to your vibrate by inside,

to your lack of control ...

You're like an invisible claw

of pleasure and pain,

already you see're... unfathomable shows

than it is able to do

a soul madly in love ,

a soul that is the plaything of your soul,

that can not be released

from this condemnation sweetly ...bitter ...

already you see, you get to my full nudity

because with me you did everything

what leading to do by a crazy.. slave ...

to bartering of my life into a nightmare of passion,

because ... already you know my well ...

I feel trapped in the nature

of your love ...

Ask me more, tell me what's next

that you want that I do ...

Is that the pillory of your spell

I have magnetized

You're like a very deep swamp,

where is going sinking my being,

to the limits of sanity ...

Tell me how to get out of this maze

where I feel trapped,

in the nature of your love ...

But, I will have to give you,

all my integrity made crumbs ...

Authorship:Raquel Norma Smerkin Roitman

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