viernes, 30 de diciembre de 2011

Why mourn...

Why mourn ...

Why mourn ...
why are they climb up
the desires to
drop a tear,
or many more,
maybe they were not
all the poured out
in my life ...?
Without apparent reason,
accumulating only
sensations emotional ,
displayed that hidden desire,
of to lose another drop of
anguish on my cheeks...
Why mourn ...
what happens to my being
who wants spill out
slowly, in sadness,
collected in pain,
guided by an intimate fear,
by a indefinite sense
of pleads and forgiveness ...
Why mourn ...
as if they were guarded
in a deep bottom
cryings and cryings accumulated...
which try to leave,
with any excuse,
pursued by a without reason
of hidden brokenness
of afflicted uneasiness ...
Why mourn ...
if tears do not redeem
of those penalties encysted
by long time in the heart ...
But if they insist my desire,
I will let them running by
all over my body,
to these intruder tear
who they expressed without permission
to wash myself the soul ...
Why mourn ...
because something very mine,
is calling me
so that I let him out,
made water.... made sigh,
and my heart asks me
which allows me to connect me
with them,
which allows me to suffer,
which not stop them ...
they will fall My tears ,
more later becoming
flowers immensely beautiful ...

Authorship:Raquel Norma Smerkin Roitman

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