viernes, 30 de diciembre de 2011

Eterno retorno...

Eternal return ...

Will change everything Visible
in their appearance,
nature will go to seem
to another manifestation new,
the land to other land,
the stones with his silent life,
they go to seem be more spent
more old ...
The cycle of the things will continue
pretending continuous changes,
the pain will make us believe,
which is a new form of to suffer,
everything will seem different
love will be like
a stranger being
or extravagant,
who came to beat us
of other form the heart ...
that you'll think is another ...
but their palpitate
will be the same ...
But no,.. but no,
not you fooled by the senses,
not you sell your soul,
for not to understand
these apparent changes,
because everything is cyclical,
the same essence of life,
the same perenne harmony,
the same universe.. giving
their tireless voyage,
the same land,by offering
their symphony generous ...
that.. "everything" for which we live
socially dejected,
corrupted, anesthetized,
does not allow us to understand
that nothing really changes,
that our eyes do not meet
the majestic wisdom,
that the totality is a becoming
and at the same time a "being in itself"
Eternal return means
that nothing in really is modified,
that not even.. returns time
because "it is" continually
and is manifested "being in itself"
essentially intrinsic
to same universe,
at the same cosmos which released ,
of the reins of it absolute
this manifestation ,
the eternal return of everything.
that appears to be another,
but eternal because
never returns, never was gone ...
The essence of "be in itself"
can not admit
that everything go toward nothingness,
because everything stays on the bottom
of things,
in an eternal return
from which we do not know if you have
beginning or will have end ...

Authorship:Raquel Norma Smerkin Roitman

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