viernes, 30 de diciembre de 2011

One day that I do not know of you...

One day that I do not know of you ...

A different day,
can not be defined,
what I feel,
when I look pass
to all these people,
that is not you ...
A different day
full of your being
flooding all
the corners,
which empty, expect
that you appears,
as always ...
But today it will be not like this
you will not come toward me,
I will not to see you,
today do not I will know anything
about you ...
One day that I do not know of you,
that passes without your scent,
that explodes inside me,
this long sleep
that makes me wait for you,
until the moon
leaves me a message ...
Because you still do not comes,
I do not know if it got late,
too late to return
to kiss me the hands,
to embrace me
without thinking of anything else,
that in how much you love me ...
A day in where everything changes,
trees, clouds, streets,
everything... tastes to your shadow
which is not defined,
because do not you get close...
A slow day like crying
of the love that runs
for the soul of those fall in love ...
I will continue to wait quietly
with the gray of day
that I accompany
an immensely long day,
one day that I do not know of you...
a different and sad day,
because stays in my mouth,
your name,
until you do not arrives,
so that naming ...
One day that I do not know of you ...
is one less day in my life ...

Authorship:Raquel Norma Smerkin Roitman

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