viernes, 30 de diciembre de 2011

The invisible things...

The invisible things ...

The invisible things
envelop us
more than those
we can perceive,
because with their
apparent not presence ,
inundates our being
of a powerful to feel...
you're not and I feel
your presence more than ever,
to abandon myself
still more you get close,
is that the remoteness
makes you transparent,
and I remain perceiving
with my hidden senses,
your magical figure
traverse the walls
of my infinite consciousness ...
The invisible things
not touch us with its cutting edge,
but they hit us
with all its essence,
they are makes to feel deep
because in soul are nailed
as strong daggers ...
Invisible things,
usually cause us
those feelings
they do not need lips,
they do not need eyes
which dispenses of hands,
because they come to us
when they floating by the air ...
invisibles are....But
at them , despite of this,
we have more access
than to those we can see,
than to those palpate without touching,
than to those we kiss without to kiss,
that to those we hug without to embrace,
Because are the visible things ,
those sometimes, nothing leave us
also nothing, give us ...
Invisible things,
accompany my dream of,
are much more tangible,
are much more true
and perceptible,
than reality ...
by them I keep myself alive,
of them depends my happiness ..

Authorship:Raquel Norma Smerkin Roitman

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