miércoles, 28 de diciembre de 2011

Think of you...

Think of you ...

Think of you,
it's like to go back
to the beginning of myself,
is like conceiving
in a creative instinct
that for blood
I walks ...
Think of you ..is not
one more thought
who joins with others,
and goes triggering
ideas after ideas ...
Thinking of you ..is
put the signature to my essence,
is describe myself before the mirror
of the absence,
is shout to myself with
broken voice which what I have,
is part of your being,
which I renew myself .. in your exist,
and I'm going self-creating,
as I think of you ...
I will sculpt myself again
I will turn back time
to revive by inside,
while you think of me and I think of you,
in this unconcealable sensation
of to live my life,
looking for your inner light ...
I do not want to stay to dark,
the lamps of the tenderness be
are turning off
one by one,
therefore I think of you,
for me to recover of this crazy loneliness,
by the is going through my soul
if I do not think of you,
for recuperate the calm that need
my heart ...
Think of you,
seems an illusion... indefinite,
you're fading away,
you are turning away
as dim light,
no longer light up my dreaming,
no longer you're part of my daydreaming,
therefore I want to recover ,
illuminated with your light,
before departure
to make my own reconstruction ...
Thinking of you, I was made essential
for to feel myself again
solid and built
in my own value ...

Authorship: Raquel Norma Smerkin Roitman

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