lunes, 5 de diciembre de 2011


Abandonment ...

Involuntary and natural feeling, Abandonment
that going growing within you,
without realizing one morning
you wake up, with the remains
of a postponed care ...
Abandonment is not give to slam the door
without saluting, left everything and
abandonment, is not that conversation
of facing , where it clarifies
how it feels ...
Abandonment is a sloth of
the soul,is one does not wanting more
what used to be loved
Abandonment is that litany
of affection,that gives nostalgic,
because you remember what it was like
all, when strongly... was loved you,
and now feels nothing for you ...
But it's so soft, so suspicious
and cowardly, that neither you realize ...
and already you be find fully
left set aside , intimately
abandoned ...
There is not pain more lacerating
which the that produces
the abandonment,
which be gives little by little,
and you destroy the heart
when it is so deep,
that do not have going back,
nor solution ...
Abandonment, of love,
of friendships,of family
All produce that sensation,
that burns the soul,
because leaves you of loving.. someone
that before.. did not you imagined,
because you to postpones
Unfortunately, in form
and you do no more that remember
How different was all,
before of that be given
this cruel abandonment ...
Abandonment, stop of wanting
little by little
forget how valuable
that it was that union,
to change feelings
of the heart,
by others that indifferent
them know cause without taste ...
Abandonment, as a dagger hurtful
that is introduced
in the skin, in the spirit,
unable to heal ever ...
Stigma who it leaves is so strong ,
that is inserted into the veins,
which stains the heart
with ink that burns the soul ...

Authorship:Raquel Raquel Norma Smerkin Roitman

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