lunes, 30 de enero de 2012

Revealing night... Noche reveladora...

Revealing night....

I wait that revealing night, I know that them are going to give my greatest truths,
of the good and of evil, without more than the flowing of feeling, when
no longer tired with myself and when it can to put the things in the fair place...
Lose a game is no staying devoid, is to continue trying to win that
battle to life, that battle that it encourages you to overcome each one
of the fears that cower the routine,... each one of the dead flowers that
already no more perfuming...
Will arrive alone without that I will call her to my memory, singing in
my soul the harmony of my story, entering in the quiet inside of my
pupils they will look for desperate, the reason that will take me to follow
in this life.....
I cling to that revealing night, because I know that there will be my
my cure..., that healing I need to continue recognizing my being in each
fear, in each question, in each tear that humbles my value...

When it can confront with myself, will be because
I will take off those old clothes that do not serve
in the large closet where I've stored... past frayed,
without strong seams, with many wounds...
I'll renew my attire for a fresh start to feel life from within...,
without caring if it ends up today same, or if lack a lot,
or if no plenty time for me... Enough says my soul of
sickly manipulations, my heart is alarmed of so much beating
for something that is not said, that nor even was pronounced
in the spirit...
Night of renewal, you're the hope that I have for to wash my soul
with so many false chimeras that torment me, from so much
invaluable evil that hurts me altough I don't want it...
I'm going to surrender me to your darkness to find the light and
not even go out from you never, that thy light may serve me
to renew every evening this soul mine, that no leaves
of be death...
Night of renewal, my being is looking for you , my spirit longs for you,
my soul endlessly chasing you, help me to believe and grow...

Authorship:Raquel Raquel Norma Smerkin Roitman

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