lunes, 30 de enero de 2012


I need...

I need transform myself into desire..
for make yourself to know my soul,
like a harp that plays
the tonality of your life
more passionate...
I need to ride in thy seed shall,
like a rider among your hills,
and so swaying in you,
from that begins the night,
until that the day ends ..
I need that you drink my being ...
of a sip of love... whole ,
for fill yourself of stars
when already your thirst,
turn off the light of my border ...
I need of you
again and again,
until get the elixir
that so often I dreamed...
I'm your shadow when
the sun looming,
I'm your lark
when declines the afternoon ,
I'm your clear night
when in the moon
is reflected your glance..
I need arrive to be...You
for then to return,
feeling how devour me
downwards the passion,
and then ascends me toward the top
by which you drag me
with your murderous insanity,
for to kill me in life,
for die in your arms,
each time that my soul
in your fire resurrects...
that is why
I need transform myself in desire,
for penetrate your world,
for melt you of love
the heart...
for perforate your emotion
with my kisses..
for not differentiate
the pleasure from pain...
Authorship:Raquel Norma Smerkin Roitman

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