martes, 10 de enero de 2012

If I had all the clarity

If I had all the clarity
necessary for loving you,
would not stay a single place
devoid of that light,
would not sink my wishes
in yours,
forming a hidden cross ...
If I had the clarity
necessary for loving you,
if intense fire
will would razed my skin,
to fall into your arms
ripped of dreams,
so that then you lift me
to warm in your waters,
emerging from this darkness
immensely vague ... after ...
All already would be radiance for you,
you will would illuminate direct to heart
like dart full of love,
like torches of eternal glare,
these who never turn off,
in their long to walk by the forge ...
If I had the necessary clarity
for loving you,
in my desperation
would be able to recourse to the sun,
to the stars, to all the planets
so that to give me light
which I need to
for dispel of the fog,
this heart between
that lacks shine
to go to looking for you with my light,
and eternally
turned on of love
to stay with you , ...
my love, If I had ...
all the clarity
necessary for loving you ...
you would love to like loves the morning star
first light
that looks a day ...
then all my love
I would give you ...
covered in the fire
of my being ...
and no longer there would be a later
so that? ...

Authorship:Raquel Norma Smerkin Roitman

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