lunes, 30 de enero de 2012

I understand you... Te comprendo...

I understand you..

I understand you until where arrives my selfishness,
I can't transcend the barrier that separates what I desire
with what you have for give me...You am sincere,no I conform
with what remains, I always want more and I don't think about
the limitations of others...I know that is an unpardonable fault ,
the be able of to understand you, even it transitable, because humanly,
I do not know shuffle the cards,.. is get tangled me the cards and I lose
the game, because I do not want to corrupt identity
I understand you while not touches the contours of my expectations,
while not crosses the threshold of my life without permission and
want to invade my privacy and want to dispose of my time
ignoring that it's mine...
I'm not an example of altruism nor is going to sculpt a statue at the foot
of my grave when I die, I'm an ordinary woman that defends herself
as she can for to move forward without that trample them some petulant
that by be woman, do not respect...
I understand you until you tell me, "You're all mine".., you not belong to yourself ,
I only can have you...
I understand you and my understanding arrives until where my truth
I tells , until where I want arrives with my own life...

Authorship:Raquel Norma Smerkin Roitman

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