miércoles, 30 de noviembre de 2011

You palpates my being... Palpa mi ser...

You palpates my being ...

Feel my being
like a blind
who wants
... find my reflection
of light
that only the blind
can see ...
you despairs
because you do not get
take me whole
you can not cross
my caves,
but not because of your blindness,
because my center is
so much inside
of my soul,
which it will cost you to reach
at that depth,..
Palpating between darkness...
you palpates like shaky,
anxious of not to find
all I am,
all I have
to give ...
Stretchs your intuition
toward my spirit
looks for the knot
of my dream ...
soon You'll find
how tighten my light
in your dreams ...
Palpates my being,
that between your imagination
and your wanting to arrive,
you will find me ...whole,
to share my world
which I begs you
Come... to know myself...
Your vision will be magical,
when you come to me,
you no longer will be that blind
that was guided by
the instinct ...
Your hands will be your eyes,
you will see of far a colour red
that will ignite your heart
of a great love ...
It will be because already I you will have found
with Eye of the soul,
and the glance, blindfolded ...
Palpates my being ...
again and again,
it all depends on
how much you want to see ...

Authorship:Raquel Norma Smerkin Roitman
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