sábado, 26 de noviembre de 2011

Hidden Beauty... Belleza escondida...

Hidden Beauty ...

Behind those eyes,
behind that face
that sometimes seems
... stay molten
in the depths,
hides a being
indecipherable and beautiful ...
I want reach to him,
Give me your hidden beauty,
which you hidden because
still you do not know of its value,
you think that they are trifles,
but in that part of you
is finds your greatness, your splendor ...
It's this deep background
to which I refer,
is all what you do not say,
is all what you feel,
is all you have in you
of legitimate and true ...
They are not your titles,
or your profession,
or your wages,
Are you !! .. the value in yourself,
not what you do,
nor your job
Are you !!..., who encloses
in your soul, your essence,
that hidden beauty
for you.....not perceived,
because you leads that beauty
and without you realizing it ...
Open up you the door
in where is hidden
and enters poking around,
you'll see that you finds it ,,
she is finds like forgotten
like unconscious, senseless
of hope,
she is find like dead ...
but do not be fooled,
she is still alive ...
Open up you, the door
more intimate,
asks for permission
to enter your world
quiet, lethargic,
and you will see to her to shine
in your depths ...
If you do not find her
on the first trip,
continues looking,
continues looking,
at last...you will find it
as unconscious and asleep,
then wake up her...
Invite her for a walk
by the fields of love,
hangs from their desire to walk
a tiny flower,
that smells their aroma full of vigor,
with that will be sufficient
to find yourself with
that beauty hidden
that same that does not want to go out,
that is stretches out, without strength ...
Invite her to fly
by the skies of the creation,
give it ideas, give it fantasies,
you will see how it will grow
each day more,
and you yourself will be your guide
you will be that human being
that you know you are
because your trues
you say it quietly ...
Now before God, shout it
with total ardor ...
Enjoy of that hidden beauty
to weave wonders
with nature,
for do the birds
they be your friends,
for drinking from sources
of desired dreams,
all its purity ...
for to feel the desires
beating for your spirit,
through your body ...
You are a unit and your
hidden beauty,
have an ethical duty
of to find,
still looking, still poking
that is you going life without loving you,
do not be discouraged,
already you'll see that you have her
shining like a jewel
between your heart and your soul,
look her with eager,
Bring her out, for to know the air
fresh in the morning,
do not ignore her, do not fail her,
she is waiting for you ...
Do not let die your being
without using it, without enjoying it ...
It's your most hidden marvel
that, your hidden beauty

Authorship: Raquel Norma Smerkin Roitman
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De: Norma B Papinutti traducción del español e imagen.

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