martes, 15 de noviembre de 2011

Auto-recognition... Auto-reconocimiento...

Auto-recognition ...

It is the time in which
you hear yourself,
your voice clearly
comes to your soul,
enter little by little
all words
they owe,
which you have said,
and do not you encourage
to pronounce ...
in that moment
nothing is more that
your sincerity,
and your image is reflected
in the mirror of your
pure humanity;
vulnerable, fearful,
incipient, weak ...
This moment is unique,
can not be wasted,
your echo is felt
by all your heart,
and by throughout your body,
and you feel who you are,
and you know you want,
and nothing nor nobody
can you fool ...
that moment
which is like lightning,
strong and accurate,
from which you can not escape,
where you stand up
front of you, defiant
and with nothing to hide ...
you have you there, hear yourself
you do not stop talking,
even bother you,
it's like nocturnal crickets
which were conspiring
for do not you to leave you alone ...
but it's good that time,
necessary and valid,
you will arrive to yourself
by one unique and true path,
of your self-recognition ...
walks without fear,
which will carry you,
first at to suffer thy truth,
then to you feel fearful
of your discoveries,
but later you will be able to check
that to measure that runs through
how you break the chains
which before were enslaving you
to a past history
for carry you to your freedom ...
is to recognize you twice,
for yourself, and for
the reflection which that mirror
brings you back ...
finally happy coincidence,
to find your being
fully discovered
Without darknesses,
clearly exposed for
to assume all its truths ...

Authorship:Raquel Norma Smerkin Roitman

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