martes, 22 de noviembre de 2011

I miss you.. from within mine... Te extraño desde dentro mío...

I miss you .. from within mine ...

I miss you from within mine ...
as is strange at same air,
like is strange to the leaves
which while we walk, they fall,
like is strange to the sunlight,
when for a few days does not go out ...
Is that
if you're not, I feel like
nature tries to forget me..
I miss you from within mine
because when not I have you,
I find no relief
for my sighs,
that they don't leave of to escape
for bring you, for to find you ...
I miss you like is strange
to your own heart,
as if you will would stripped
from same sentiment,
already you see
how cruel emptiness, leaves me
not having your love,
knowing that you're far away,
away from our nest ...
is far away life,
when I am without you,
when I look everywhere
for find you close ...
My spirit falters
when of you is separated,
because I can not look at you
to the eyes,
so that is reflect your soul
and so, feel you're with me
forming a magical being, magnificent
built for this love
that of being away from the two,
we share so much pain ...
That is why,
is that, I miss you from within mine ...
remains a sombre hole
which I fills not
which nobody fills
more that this union,
which no supports missing you ...
I miss you from within mine ...
because I feels me split, broken
on small pieces of desires,
because I feel beaten
for your non-presence,
because I lack in a whole,
and no way no way
of compensate
this.. I miss you
from deep within me ...
But, ask the dew
how falls in my face
when you're not with me ...
Joins to my tears,
like Warm a kiss
that comes from your mouth
so that I supports this
I miss you, from within..

Authorship:Raquel Norma Smerkin Roitman
De: Norma B Papinutti  traducción del español e imagen

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