martes, 15 de noviembre de 2011

But we not dared... Pero no nos animamos...

But we not dared ...

Like naughty children
we remove him to silence
the wings,
we wanted to depart for
another time,
where love
with their light shine ...
We wanted to flee from
rustling of leaves,
we knew that we crossing
the space seas
we would find
another reality, other colors
other different flavors ...
Like naughty children
who do not accept
the kiss turned off of the memory
the barriers of the lethargy
we wanted to break,
with our own hands,
although we would hurt,
although we would bleed,
in our fantasy
the desire could more
that our cowardice ...
but we not dared
until today my being is regret
because our souls
wanted to break moorings,
But our will,
leaned back, ...
and we not dared
Then, we follow the cross,
we hear pray the sermons
faraway of the mountains,
we cover ourselves of impotence,
we could not, we could not know,
how detach
from this strong heritage ...
Like naughty children we cry
we knew that waiting for us
the adventure of create
what nobody in truth
had created ...
but we not dared ...
Like naughty children
we hug to life,
and between sobs hidden
we follow a path
already traveled, a routine
turbid and with wounds
filled of past ...
Only we both know
how much we regret it ,
we stayed with desires
of to realize our dream ...
but we not dared ...

Authorship:Raquel Norma Smerkin Roitman

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