miércoles, 30 de noviembre de 2011

Why so scared of loving me... Por qué tienes miedo de amarme...

Why so scared of loving me

Why so afraid of loving me,
why you think no I deser ...ves,
if when love is given
in this way,
both sides are balanced,
both love each other
like this, naturally ...
I'm a gypsy of soul
I roam through all the streets
which heart I shown,
and where I find
a crust of passion
I stay there,
to enjoy of their taste ...
I do not aspire to large delicacies,
I just only want the legitimate
that you carry in your spirit
and by your body ...
Do not deprive me of your dreams,
which my gypsy being.... roams
by the roads without owner,
it choose without choose,
what you feel your soul
and no knows of doubt,
when of love is treats ...
Why so afraid to loving me,
is like you were loving
the beauties of a beautiful afternoon,
as if you were drinking of a source
full of tulips,
my skin is of tulle pale blue,
will not be able hurt your fleshes,
my eyes are of pink foam
my glance you'll see float by your face ...
Why so afraid to loving me,
if I am most harmless
than nature
I can design,
if I am made up of illusions,
if I was born to love you
and let me ..loving ...
Why you afraid of me, why escape from me ,
Why so afraid to loving me ...
Hurry, come
that is ends already the afternoon ...
You know well what have to do ...

Authorship:Raquel Norma Smerkin Roitman
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