martes, 22 de noviembre de 2011

It happened love... Sucedió el amor...

It happened love ...

We were two beings

wandering through the blue endless ,

our sadness joined ,

then of exhausting

of walking through the heavens ...

We were two lost dreams

who did not know how finding

remedy for their souls,

But.. it happened love

at that intersection of spirits

in which the cosmos,we were joined ...

We were two hearts with no heartbeat

mute shadows of oblivion,

which broke out to be found

between planets with no destination ...

As soon as we embrace

between galaxies and stars,

revived our souls

of the form most profound and beautiful,

we leave to navigate through the universe

for visiting us by within,

we leave of ramble through the skies,

because we found a nest

for our afflictions...

We were solitary sentiments

scattered by the spaces

of desire,

Now that we have us each other

Now that we come across

in this space travel

we know that we love ourselves,

because it happened love,

and already there shall be nothing more

important for to find ...

we were two beings without light,

carrying a cross of hopefully ,

was opened a spectrum of illusions

when it fell on our souls

the star, which of love we were speak...

It happened love ...

nothing remained in the without reason ...

Authorship:Raquel Norma Smerkin Roitman
De: Norma B Papinutti traducción del español e imagen

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