martes, 18 de octubre de 2011

Alchemy of love... Alquimia de amor...

Alchemy of Love ...

I did you spend your chemistry
I passed you mine
we made a alchemy
of essences who joined ...
A little of me, you took,
a little of you, I take me,
we create a new potion
to be satisfied, to loving us,
to be able to
drinking each other from head to toe ...
We are already a mixture
it took the color of love,
a mixture in which the tones
of our feelings it are ...
was born something new,
which we were creating
as we were going loving us ,
you with your peace intoxicating
sensation quiet and wise
of know a lot and without words ...
I with my language restless,
and with my thousands of sensations,
with my overflows of emotions
to which brake when I stay
in your corner ...
To thee I come when I need,
that calm, that protection,
to me you come when you want
sate your soul,
of my boundless illusion ...
We are always ready
to share our worlds deep
I penetrate in to yours,
you penetrates in mine
and in him with all the love,
for all time and space,
we missed ...
one in the other, one in two ...
because we are the result
of an alchemy ...
alchemy of Love ...

Authorship:Raquel Norma Smerkin Roitman
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De: Norma B Papinutti traducción e imágen

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