domingo, 30 de octubre de 2011

Feel without soul... Sentirse sin alma...

Feel without soul ...

Feel without soul,

palpate the emptiness
of the hope,

enter into

a whirlwind

of longing,

where do not

exist love,

where nothing happens ...


of the spirit,

and a paralysis

of the senses,

until the most deeper,

detached from the world,

from feelings,from affection...

Feel without soul,

boundless sadness

who feels afraid

of feel

less and less ...

total exhaustion

of the will,

because the soul

is stayed

no feelings ...

Life is transformed

in a distant promise,

in a weak certainty

that something

is going dying


as the flowers die,

as everything dies ...

Feel without soul

because it increases

the goodbye, forgetfulness,

the sorrowful weeping

which approximates

when loneliness,

mysterious friend,

invites us to suffer

the bitterness of

Feel without soul ...

are moments that

it loses the meaning of

to exist ...

Authorship:Raquel Norma Smerkin Roitman
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De: Norma B Papinutti traducción del español e imágen.

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