miércoles, 26 de octubre de 2011

I don´t want you save me from the mirage... No me quieras salvar del espejismo...

I don't want you save me from the mirage

I don't want you save me from the mira ...ge
let me enter further in this
disturbing abyss that is life,
don't want that protect my being
of agony,
neither it cover it so it does not touch it
less yet keep him away from strong emotions ...
Help me to delve into their passions,
to lose the fear of living intensely
let that my being be interpenetrates
in this risky world
and don't save me, not even of death ...
I don't want you care of me so suddenly,
Let go of my wings,
that I want go out to fly,
by the dangers of this sky,
that for moments I seem
sail by the wide sea ...
open to my universe ...
be my helmsman, my dear guide,
but deliver me from fears
so you can enjoy
and to suffer, widely
of joys and pains,
so you can live intensely
but the cowardice,
I will sink and
I will not be able to appreciate
this beautiful harmony that is to live,
it is to feel deeply
it is to fall and by moments resurgence ,
which is living with claws at the soul,
it is to die when it is believe
navigate to nowhere ...
I don't want you save me from the mirage
let me experiment the dangers,
of being and not being,
of exist and not exist,
of to doubt and assert,
I will find the answers
of your hand,
don't you need to save me ...

Authorship:Authorship:Raquel Norma Smerkin Roitman
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