lunes, 24 de octubre de 2011

Oblivion, worse punishment... El olvido, peor castigo...

Oblivion, worse punishment ...

I think the worst punishment

for a person
sensitive, is to feel

how the oblivion

runs by the heart ...

is to realize that

a being to who loved

you no longer you takes into account

already you're indifferent

in his soul,

and from you, does not even remember ...

Oblivion makes you feel

dust that flys

for space


makes you feel

that you become in nothing,

when not even in you

rests that glance desired ...

Forgetfulness,the worst punishment

for a person in love

who knows at the bottom

of his being,

that who her forgot much,

is because the never could wanting ...

Oblivion is revelation

of a disenchantment ,

that will not let you sleep, the

thinking you've vanished

as a spectrum, at night,

that you have not had of that being,

who you forgot ,

nor a little love ...

Not only is forgets what is hated,

also forgets

what never was loved ...

Oblivion wraps in their pain

the viscera of the soul,

makes you suffer the bewilderment

of lovelessness ,

the not be even not a reflect

in his inside,

oblivion, worst punishment,

it seems that neither have you existed

that neither been born

for who you forgot...

Authorship:Raquel Norma Smerkin Roitman
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