miércoles, 1 de febrero de 2012

love heals you...

Love heals you...

Love heals you,
is like a cure
that it comes without aggression,
without remedies noxious,
without scalpel...
you don't need operate on you
rather than from the heart,
make that your blood
are moves with strength
again and again
to oxygenate your veins...
Love heals you...
makes you walk,
fills you of wantings,
there's no a hospital
that it can with him...
your medicines
are the purest caresses,
your bandages cover you
the old sadnesses,
and their kisses
give you all the breath
that you need
for continue living...
Love heals you...
all the wounds,
Blesses you the soul
when you believe die
in solitude and without calm...
Love heals you...
with total wisdom,
he knows when you shuts up
full of bitterness..
He knows when your health
is in danger and comes
with their kisses to give you
the bless and in your help...
Heal yourself by loving strongly
all what you see,
expresses all what you feel..
you have to cling to life
like never you've done
because love from his bed
will make that you overcomes
the disease harder...
and if you die equally
under a cruel illness,
if that does happen to you
dies loving,
because you will die with the sweetness
of have lived with your being
in total humanity...
Love heals you...
if to your life comes
with his powerful strength,
I doubt that someone
it can overcome it...

Authorship:Raquel Raquel Norma Smerkin Roitman

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